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What makes consumers choose a specific omega-3 supplement?

By Aysen Korucu - Marketing Manager, November 23, 2017

We all want to be healthy, right? Of course, we do. The challenge, however is to decide what steps we want to take to get there. Over the past decade the consumption of health supplements has risen significantly and none more so than in the taking of omega-3s. But this growth is not down to fanciful claims by companies – the recognized health benefits of omega-3s have been documented in more than 30,000 publications.

Watch the phospholipid advantage of krill oil in action

By Thomas Beadnall - Nutritionist, November 17, 2017

One of the fundamental advantages of krill oil is that its omega-3s are mainly bound to phospholipids, whereas fish oil’s are bound to triglycerides.

This important distinction has many different implications for the absorption, function and health effects of the omega-3s that you are taking. Furthermore, this phospholipid advantage allows for unique messaging opportunities towards consumers.

Global awareness campaign for a global health issue


Why consumers want to know where their omega-3s come from

By Marte Dalsegg - Content Manager, November 01, 2017

Being able to trust that your omega-3s come from a sustainable, traceable source is crucial.

At Aker BioMarine, we experience customers increasingly demanding information on what our krill products contain, how we conduct the harvesting, as well as the krill’s condition.

3 Reasons to Consider Krill Oil Omega-3s at CPhI 2017

Aker BioMarine is excited to exhibit at CPhI Frankfurt 2017 and we are looking forward to seeing you at our booth!

Why you should consider omega-3 supplementation

Omega-3s are amongst the healthiest supplements you can take. Our bodies need these essential nutrients for everything from maintaining a healthy heart to controlling inflammation and helping to reduce cholesterol and high triglyceride levels.

Do you get enough omega-3s from your diet?


“How do I know if I am getting enough omega-3s?"

"Do I get enough from my diet?"


These are the questions I asked myself when I first questioned my intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Let me tell you now, chances are – probably not.

How is the Personalization Trend Impacting the Omega-3 Market?

The explosion of self-administered tests to help diagnose several conditions from pregnancy to allergies, fertility to nutrient deficiencies fits nicely into a trend called personalization. This trend, which has been budding for several years, even decades, has witnessed a major influx of products to help consumers take back control of their health.
Perhaps the oldest example of personalization is the home pregnancy test. This test allowed women to diagnose their own pregnancies.
Since then, the idea of home testing has grown by leaps and bounds.

Why tradeshows are a great place to learn about omega-3s

By Aysen Korucu - Marketing Manager, September 21, 2017

The end of the year is approaching and there are a couple of important nutraceutical and pharmaceutical trade shows around the corner that will be packed with visitors and exhibitors alike. We all want to get the most out of these big trade shows and learn about the latest trends and product offerings in the market. A calendar booked with meetings, with many new and familiar faces. Trade shows are great places to learn about products and ingredients that you have an interest for.

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