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About us

Who we are

Superba Krill® is a brand of the biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, Aker BioMarine. Our core business consists of harvesting, production, sales and marketing of krill products to other businesses worldwide.

Our flagship brand Superba Krill oil focuses on human health and well-being for the dietary supplement market.

Our Story

About Superba Krill

We are the only krill oil supplier that owns and controls the entire harvesting and production process.

Our fully transparent value chain covers sustainable krill-harvesting in Antarctic waters through our Montevideo logistics hub, Houston production plant and to all our customers across the globe.


Superba Krill Oil

From catch to capsule

Aker BioMarine owns and controls the whole supply chain. This means everything happens under our watch and gives you a unique insight into how we operate. Check out the video which explains it all!

Where it all begins

Our origins

It all begins in Antarctica, the cleanest waters on earth. Within approved areas, we harvest krill with our own custom-built krill harvesting vessels, Antarctic Endurance, Saga Sea and Antarctic Sea, and our supply vessel, La Manche. It takes many years of experience and technical know how to navigate and harvest in these rough, unforgiving Antarctic waters. 


Our harvesting method

To protect the environment, we developed our own method of harvesting krill, called Eco-Harvesting®. This method almost eliminates the catching of species other than krill, leaving our annual by-catch at very low levels, among the lowest compared to other fisheries. 

Watch our ECO-Harvesting® video

Preserving nature

Flexitech Technology

Our patented Flexitech technology allows us to extract krill oil in a unique way to minimize processing and preserve the naturally occurring nutrients that benefit human health. It also gives us the flexibility to up-concentrate the valuable nutrients in krill oil.

Read more about Flexitech here


health benefits

Our dedication to science

The science team at Aker BioMarine is venturing into new territories from skin health and liver health to exploring the effects of krill oil on triathletes and Lupus disease patients. We pride ourselves on exploring all of the potential that krill oil has to offer, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Delivering krill oil globally

Customers worldwide

We are proud to call our customers, our partners. By working closely with some of the best companies in the nutraceuticals market, we can ensure that consumers all around the globe have access to krill oil for their overall health. Our Superba teams care about our customer’s success. We're much more than an ingredient supplier and together, we are building the krill oil category like never before.

Our owners

More about Aker Biomarine

Visit our Aker BioMarine website to learn more about our operations, including our boats and patented technologies.