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The countdown to Vitafoods India 2024 has begun!


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With Vitafoods India 2024 just around the corner, the Superba team is already in full preparation mode. We are enthusiastically counting down the days until we have the pleasure of meeting you in Mumbai from February 13-15th!

According to a recent India Nutraceutical Market Research Report (2021 – 2032) from MRA Reports, a surge in awareness among consumers about the importance of preventive healthcare is leading to a higher demand for nutraceutical-based products. This opens the doors for leading ingredient innovators like Aker BioMarine who are looking to expand in markets such as India.

A unique dietary supplement - What is krill oil? 

Unlocking cellular health for aging well - the impact of krill oil phospholipids

In India, as well as throughout Asia, there is a lot of potential for Superba Krill oil, especially when it comes to healthy ageing. Many countries in Asia are facing the challenge of an ageing population. With an older demographic comes an increased risk of lifestyle diseases. Fortunately, these lifestyle disease risks can be mitigated by focusing on healthy ageing, and this is where Superba Krill oil comes in as a nutritional supplement with head-to-toe benefits.

Healthy ageing is connected to the health of our cells and krill oil works at a cellular level. Around each and every cell, we find phospholipids, a natural, integral part of the cell membranes that helps maintain the strength, flexibility and integrity. Phospholipids, found in the cell membranes, are also found in krill oil, helping to deliver total body health benefits at a cellular level. The phospholipid advantage is the biggest health differentiator that gives Superba Krill oil the X factor for healthy ageing and beyond. 

Krill oil phospholipids work at a cellular level to promote healthy aging


In addition to healthy ageing, we are seeing trends around positive action to prevent health concerns before they arise, which is driving consumers to products meeting their personal wellbeing needs. In fact, more than 1 in 3 consumers claim to be “proactive” in preventing health issues and the most important areas include heart, bone and joint health. This according to Innova Trends Survey 2024 and Innova Health & Nutrition Survey 2023. 


"India's growing awareness of preventive healthcare presents a significant opportunity for Aker BioMarine to expand our presence in the domestic nutraceutical market and we are excited to take part in Vitafoods India 2024. We recognize India's strategic importance and are committed to providing science-backed solutions to address the health needs of Indian consumers, contributing to their well-being of the local people and the growth of the nutraceutical industry in the region. "

- Ross Norris, General Manager Australia & Asia Pacific,
Aker BioMarine.

Enhancing heart and liver health with krill oil Phospholipids

We are seeing and increasing interest in India around cardiovascular health and krill oil is an ideal solution for this health area, and interestingly enough, the liver is connected to the heart in many ways. Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer globally and one of the main reasons for CVD is buildup of fats (cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood that can get stuck in arteries. The liver is vital for cleaning the blood and helping to maintain healthy levels of nutrients in the blood (including fat), therefore optimal liver health is essential to having a healthy blood system and therefore reducing stress on the heart. To that end, krill oil can play a big role for liver health in addition to normal benefits of omega-3 for heart health.

The connection between heart and liver health - and the importance of  phospholipids


"Superba Krill oil plays a crucial role for cardiovascular health, which is especially important for India where cardiovascular diseases are on the rise. Our product not only raises the Omega-3 Index for a healthy heart but also boasts a unique phospholipid advantage. This enables Superba Krill oil to operate at a cellular level, making it an ideal solution for supporting the health of and enhancing overall well-being. Additionally, the versatility of krill oil extends to areas like joint, liver and skin health, making it a holistic choice for individuals seeking comprehensive wellness support."

- Anette Yamamoto-Hansen,  Marketing Manager Asia Pacific,
Aker BioMarine


Securing a steady krill supply through a  fully owned supply chain and sustainable harvest

Finally, an important differentiator that sets us apart from other ingredient suppliers is our sustainability efforts and furthermore, our ability to trace our krill through the entire value chain. In fact, we have created a unique technology called the ‘traceability tool’ which allows our customers, as we well as consumers, trace the krill oil found in their product back to the exact harvesting location.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for many consumers, including those in India. To that end, to even consider doing business in the nutraceuticals industry, ingredient suppliers and brands alike need to prioritise sustainable practices. This isn’t a challenge, but rather an opportunity for emerging brands to check off all the boxes that consumers are looking for, with sustainability at the forefront.

A healthy biomass of krill ensures a steady and stable supply

Meet us at Vitafoods India 2024 and discover how our company’s sustainable krill-based products can transform human health and the future of the industry. Let's connect at Booth D08


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