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Krill oil for human health

Get the latest facts about sustainability in Antarctica, delve into the science behind the health benefits of krill oil, or find out why krill oil should be your next sports nutrition supplement. 

Deep dive into the world of Superba Krill Oil with our resources below!


Superba Krill Oil (EU)

Superba Krill®, a natural dietary supplement with phospholipid omega-3s, choline and astaxanthin, from the pristine waters of Antarctica with proven health benefits.

Download the brochure to get all the information about Superba Krill from the way we harvest to the health benefits, specs and final production.


Antarctic Krill Sustainability

The Antarctic krill fishery has been a source of controversy for several years, mainly because of the perception that it is not sustainable. But now many experts have found the opposite to be true.


Superba Krill Brochure (US)

Superba™ Krill contains long chain omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin – breathing new life into the omega-3 market. Download the brochure to get all the information about Superba Krill from the way we harvest to the health benefits, specs and final production.


Krill Oil Optimizing Omega-3 Levels

The Omega-3 Index is a nutritional tool quickly becoming more popular with medical professionals and consumers. Beyond assessing cardiovascular risk, the Omega-3 Index offers a window into a person’s general state of health.


Traceability of
Superba Krill

Superba Krill is traceable from sea to capsule.
How? Our 100% controlled value chain makes it possible to trace our krill oil back to its origin. 

Read more about this and the traceability of Superba Krill in our whitepaper:



It all begins in Antarctica, the cleanest waters on earth. Within approved areas, we harvest krill with our own custom-built krill harvesting vessels. 

Read more about all the steps taken when harvesting krill the Superba way.



Superba Krill Oil Concentrate

To effectively maintain our bodily functions and to keep cells and body in balance, we need a continuous supply of nutrients. Learn more about krill oil concentrate, the function of choline, omega-3 and phospholipids in the body.


Your next sports ingredient

SUPERBA PerformanceTM  is a natural phospholipid complex of choline and omega-3 (EPA & DHA) which helps athletes prepare for optimal sports performance. Download the brochure to read more.


Flexitech Technology

FlexitechTM is a patented technology platform used exclusively by Aker BioMarine to create better krill oil products that are more appealing to brand owners, encapsulators, formulators and consumers.


benefits for the heart and brain

Omega-3s are a featured ingredient in heart supplements and brain supplements in markets all over the world today. Why is that? Access the study to find out.