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Read about research into the benefits of krill to human health.

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Krill oil phospholipid omega-3 for osteoarthritis and joint health?

Yes! Krill oil has proven benefits to help reduce symptoms of joint pain & discomfort among arthritis sufferers. A new...

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Krill oil phospholipids work at a cellular level to promote healthy aging

After two centuries of progress and deeper medical understanding, humans are living much longer. Global life expectancy...

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Krill, 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About it

Krill are fascinating. You might have already heard of them? They are high in omega-3, which is an important nutrient for...

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Superba Krill oil focuses on human health and well-being for the dietary supplement market.

Krill oil helps athletes maintain optimal levels of nutrients pre and post workout

Scientific studies show that the omega-3 and choline naturally found in krill oil can benefit sports performance and...

What Is Choline and What Is It Good For?

Choline is an essential nutrient vital for many body functions, such as nerve signaling, as well as liver and muscle...

Krill oil phospholipids take the ‘highway to cell’ for fast and effective absorption of omega-3s

Fast transport and effective absorption mean that your body gets greater health benefits from each krill oil supplement.

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How Can Brands Differentiate Their Products in a Crowded Heart Health Market

Fast transport and effective absorption mean that your body gets greater health benefits from each krill oil supplement.

Discover Our New Innovations at Supply Side East! Booth 623

Visit us at SSE booth #623 to learn about our PL+ Technology that can help address an important concern that 43% of...

Visit us at Vitafoods Europe 2023 - To explore our latest trends and innovations

Time is passing fast and we are already closing in on the next edition of Vitafoods Europe, the annual leading event for the...

Maximize the power of your ingredients. Find out how @4321

Consumers are getting smarter and learning that increasing absorption is the key to getting the most out of their...