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Halal certified krill oil by Aker BioMarine

krill oil halal krill oil

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Aker BioMarine has expanded their krill oil product portfolio with a Halal-Certified Krill Oil Ingredient.


Aker BioMarine, a leading global biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, is expanding its ingredient portfolio with Superba SC40, a Halal-certified krill oil product. The leading and most researched krill oil brand is now available with a halal certification, a high quality and widely recognized certification label.


Superba SC40 will give the company’s ingredient business customers across the world the possibility to add new target groups to their products and the confidence to better match the individual needs of their consumers.


Check out the video below to learn about krill oil health benefits.




Superba SC40, made with strict and safe standards

Aker BioMarine uses technology that will maintain the biological activity in krill oil with high levels of phospholipids intact. Like Aker BioMarine’s other flagship Superba krill oil ingredients, Superba SC40 is a quality krill oil ingredient that provides powerful phospholipids with omega-3s and choline, delivering whole body health benefits.


Halal krill oil market opportunities

There is no question that the Halal certification segment is growing as the demand for halal-certified products continue to increase.


“As Aker BioMarine continues to grow globally, we are seeing an increasing demand for a Halal-certified product and we believe Superba SC40 is an ideal solution to meet this demand,” said Tim de Haas, EVP Human Health & Nutrition, Aker BioMarine.


“We are passionate about producing the best krill oil in the world and with this new spec we can appeal to a wider demographic of customers and consumers globally both in new and existing geographies”.


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