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Antarctic Krill Sustainability

A Look Below the Surface, by Philip Trathan OBE, DSc | 2024
Based on a previous paper by Stephen Nicol, PhD

The Antarctic krill fishery has been a source of controversy for several years, mainly because of the perception that it is not sustainable. But now many experts have found the opposite to be true.

Download the whitepaper to read about:

  • Environmental change and the impact on krill
  • Establishing the modern-day krill fishery
  • How (and why) catch limits are strictly regulated
  • Making sure history doesn't repeat it self 
  • The need for cooperative research
  • Why are all the efforts necessary?

Whitepaper Sustainability 2024
Download the whitepaper and read more about how Antarctic krill fishery is one of the most sustainable managed in the world.

Download whitepaper