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Visit us at Vitafoods Europe 2023 - To explore our latest trends and innovations


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Time is passing fast and we are already closing in on the next edition of Vitafoods Europe, the annual leading event for the global nutraceutical industry. We are excited to announce that the Aker BioMarine and our Superba Krill team will be onsite at Booth #H84 to share all of the latest and greatest around krill oil! 

New Science 

In a recent study published in Aging, researchers from the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital, and Akershus University Hospital conducted a study using nematodes and human cells to investigate if krill oil can slow down the aging processes. It concluded that krill oil does in fact promote healthy aging by counteracting many processes that drive aging.

Previous studies focused on the scientific aspects of healthy aging from a joint and muscle standpoint.
A recent study from 2022, led by the cardiovascular and medical sciences division at the University of Glasgow, found that just four grams of krill oil per day can benefit the skeletal and muscle function in the older population. 

Similar findings have been discovered in a trial run in Australia with osteoarthritis patients. The breakthrough study from 2022 was conducted by researchers at CSIRO. At the end of the trial, the participants consuming krill oil experienced improvement in physical function, knee pain and stiffness. 

Read more here: Krill oil phospholipids work at a cellular level to promote healthy aging

And be sure to visit our booth #H84 during Vitafoods Europe 2023 to learn more about krill oil and healthy aging. 

New Innovations 

In the current market environment companies must continuously innovate and evolve in order to stay relevant. With our unique marine phospholipid complex of choline and omega-3s EPA & DHA, krill oil is definitely a stand out, standalone ingredient, however there is no question that its unique format allows for a new generation of possibilities. 

During Vitafoods 2023, we will be focusing on various health areas and science such as healthy aging  and our very new technology platform, PL+, aimed at taking the nutraceuticals industry to the next level using marine phospholipids as the key component for new product innovation.

Stop by our booth #H84 at Vitafoods Europe 2023 from May 9th-11th to:

  • Learn more about our proprietary research on healthy aging 
  • Get samples of our Healthy Aging concept
  • Explore PL+ Technology and how this can support new possibilities for your business 

Click below to set up a meeting today!

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