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Meet us at Vitafoods Europe 2024 - and discover exciting product developments and a new ingredient launch


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The Superba Krill Oil Team Gears up for Vitafoods 2024 with Exciting Product Developments and a New Ingredient Launch

Vitafoods 2024 is around the corner and the Superba Krill Oil/Aker BioMarine team will be onsite at Booth D96 to share their knowledge and insights on product innovation, condition-specific supplements, and all the ways they are enabling brands to develop unique, on-trend products.

Superba Krill Oil, a unique, sustainable, and stable solution for future market needs

As a multi-nutrient with active omega-3s, the krill oil phospholipids found in Superba Krill Oil, work at the cellular level to support what consumers are looking for when it comes head-to-toe health benefits. The science behind Superba Krill Oil ranges from general health and wellness to condition specific health areas such as heart and liver health, cognitive health, joints, muscles, sports performance, skin health, eye health and PMS.

For brands and manufacturers, innovation in the krill oil space is at an all-time high, helping to present new product opportunities to elevate their portfolios. From emulsions to smoothies, unique delivery formats will be on display at Booth D96. And in addition to demonstrating what is new and novel, the Superba Krill Oil team can also discuss how krill oil is a stable and sustainable source. At a time when the fish oil is industry is facing supply and pricing challenges, alternative solutions are a must.


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Aker BioMarine to debut FloraMarine, a new B2B algae oil ingredient, to the European market

As a pioneer in innovation, technology, and science, and as an expert in sustainable marine omega-3s, Aker BioMarine is adding algae oil to its existing ingredient portfolio, and the team is excited to share more at Vitafoods. Combining the health halo of plant-based products with environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, FloraMarine is positioned to meet customer and consumers market demands alike. As the highest natural concentration of DHA on the market, FloraMarine benefits for brain, eye, maternal and fetal health. If you are attending Vitafoods, please join us for a launch event taking place at Booth (D96) on Wednesday, 15 May at 13:00.


Launch Party Vitafoods 2024 (Invitation)

“We are ecstatic to attend Vitafoods 2024 to share all the exciting things happening with human health at Aker BioMarine,” said Simon Seward, CEO, Human Health Ingredients. “Our team is ready to discuss all things krill oil and to introduce FloraMarine to the European market.”



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