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Caring for your Heart Health with Krill Oil

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It’s heart health month and time to shine the light on a very important ingredient…krill oil. There is no question that krill oil offers a range of health benefits and heart health is at the top of that list.

Krill oil has shown to have beneficial effects related to heart health. Krill’s role in providing heart health benefits comes from its unique nutrients - omega-3 (EPA & DHA), phospholipids, astaxanthin and choline.


Omega-3s EPA & DHA

  • Essential fatty acids
  • The building blocks of our cells
  • "Good fats" that provide flexibility to the cell and travel around the body to import the benefits to various organs and tissues
  • The EPA and DHA help contribute to the normal function of the heart

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Watch the phospholipid advantage of krill oil in action!



  • An essential nutrient for many body functions such as cell structure, function and signalling
  • Similar to omega-3s EPA and DHA, choline needs to be obtained from our diet
  • It supports vital organs such as the heart and liver
  • Krill oil is a safe, effective way to boost your necessary levels of choline, which is important for cardiovascular health

Choline is an underrated nutrient powerhouse.

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  • A natural antioxidant that gives krill oil its beautiful red color
  • Helps protect the krill oil from oxidation naturally, eliminating the need to add preservatives


Let’s get to the heart of the matter…krill oil helps support the heart and much more! Check out the whitepaper below to find out how to optimize your omega-3 levels with krill oil.


Optimizing Omega-3 Levels With Krill Oil