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Watch the Phospholipid Advantage of Krill Oil in Action

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One of the fundamental advantages of krill oil is that its omega-3s are mainly bound to phospholipids, whereas fish oil’s are bound to triglycerides. 

This important distinction has many different implications for the absorption, function and health effects of the omega-3s that you are taking. Furthermore, this phospholipid advantage allows for unique messaging opportunities towards consumers.


Specifically, one of the most immediate and noticeable benefits of krill oil is that you do not get that fishy aftertaste or burps, which consumers often complain about when taking an omega-3 supplement.

Why? Check out the video below where Dave Foreman, the Herbal Pharmacist, demonstrates the phospholipid advantage by mixing krill oil and fish oil with water!



Simple, effective omega-3 messaging opportunities

As an omega-3 product seller, one of the biggest problems with fish oil is the fishy aftertaste consumers experience after taking the supplement.

Fish oil, bound to triglycerides, does not mix well with water and sits on the top of the juices in the stomach. Therefore you’re more likely to get that fishy smell or aftertaste, which provides discomfort to consumers.

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Phospholipids are the reason as to why there is no fishy aftertaste with krill oil. Phospholipids mix well with water, so krill oil mixes with the stomach contents and does not sit on the top. Therefore when taking a krill oil supplement you don't get that fishy reflux or unpleasant digestion issues.

This is good news for someone who is looking to offer a differentiated product to consumers. Simple messaging that ensures consumers get all the benefits of an omega-3 supplement without an unpleasant aftertaste is a win-win situation.

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There's more to phospholipids than mixing with water

Phospholipids do more than mix with water. They are part of the basic structure and make up of all our cells in the body and play an integral role in allowing our cells to function efficiently and stay healthy.

Better bio-efficiency

Phospholipids play an important role in delivering omega-3s to vital organs such as the brain, heart, liver and joints. Research has shown that phospholipid-bound omega-3s (in the EPA & DHA form) are more efficiently incorporated into red blood cell membranes and delivered to the places that need it most.

Raises the Omega-3 Index

Furthermore, krill oil significantly raises the Omega-3 Index, which is an important measure of your overall risk of cardiovascular disease, or heart disease.

Measuring omega-3 levels is easy, and will help people identify and correct low levels to help maintain a healthy heart and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Check out this whiteboard video to see why phospholipids make krill oil the superior omega-3 ingredient.

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