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5 reasons for choosing Superba Krill oil for your product portfolio


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As consumers become savvier as to which seafood products to buy, supplement providers need to research and question the quality of the omega-3 ingredient they want to sell in the market. Quality, sustainability and traceability are only some of the reasons why your consumers will appreciate Superba™ Krill oil. 

Here are five main reasons why you should choose Superba krill:

1) We are the krill oil research leader

Did you know that there are more clinical trials on Superba™ Krill Oil than any other krill oil brand on the market today? In fact, Aker BioMarine is the largest contributor to clinical research supporting krill oil and its health effects.

As well as having a number of researchers in-house, we also collaborate with internationally recognized experts to stay on top of the latest research.

Aker BioMarine, Pure Science Triathlon team and Norseman have pioneered a study that examines the effects of krill oil omega-3s on athletic performanceand recovery. Our latest study will examine the cognitive and performance effects of Superba™ among 400 US Army Rangers.

2) Together, we can bring more awareness to the health consequences of low omega-3 EPA/DHA levels

Only 2% of the human population has adequate omega-3 levels. In order to bring more awareness to the many health consequences of low Omega-3 EPA/DHA levels, we have formed the Omega-3 Index Project™.

The Omega-3 Index (O3i™) Test is a very simple, self-administered blood test that measures the amount of EPA & DHA in your red blood cells. How does it work? Because the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in red blood cells is a reflection of the amount of omega-3 which is in your tissues and organs, such as the heart, this test provides a useful indication of a person’s long-term intake of omega-3s.

Why is it important? A high O3i is ideal for maintaining a healthy heart, while a low Omega-3 Index correlates with a higher risk of cardiac death.

Once our consumers know how to measure their levels using the Omega-3 Index test, they can use a variety of omega-3 EPA/DHA options including Superba™ Krill Oil to raise it. Those who join the Omega-3 Index Project™ have access to a variety of materials to help educate audiences on the Omega-3 Index.

Read more about the Omega-3 Index Test here.

3) We take pride in innovative technologies

One of the reasons why we can ensure traceability and sustainability is our unique and innovative technologies. Aker BioMarine possesses two technologies that are unique to the omega-3 marketplace: Eco-Harvesting™ and Flexitech™.

First, our Eco-Harvesting® technology is a patented fishing system that delicately brings krill live and fresh aboard our vessels, while at the same time singling out unwanted bycatch and minimizing environmental impact.

Second, our extraction technology called Flexitech™ has the ability to remove unwanted constituents such as TMAO, as well as up-concentrate krill’s beneficial components—omega-3s EPA/DHA, choline and phospholipids.

And the result? An expanding portfolio of different krill oil grades. The latest introductions using this technology include Superba™ 2 and Superba™ Boost.

4) We care for traceability

In a survey executed by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) last year consisting of 16,000 seafood consumers, six in ten consumers said they want to know their fish can be traced back to a known and trusted source.

Consumers are demanding more information about where their products come from and the conditions under which they are made. We felt the need to make sure that both our customers and end consumers can feel confident in knowing the origins of their product.   This is one of the reasons why Aker BioMarine owns and controls 100% of the SuperbaKrill oil supply chain, from catch to capsule.

So how do we do this? By attaching GPS coordinates to each and every batch of krill oil. This way, our customers and their end consumers can find out the exact location of where their krill was caught.

Video: Superba Krill from catch to capsule

Our Supply Chain is also audited by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), as well as the Non-GMO Project for traceability.

Read more about purity and traceability here.

5) We strive for sustainability

For today’s seafood consumers, being able to trust that your omega-3s come from a sustainable, traceable source is crucial.

Therefore, we take pride in being unmatched in the EPA/DHA world when it comes to sustainability. To ensure sustainability, we collaborate with WWF-Norway to improve human and planetary health. 

Moreover, four in ten of the world’s largest companies today reference the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their corporate reporting. At Aker BioMarine, we are proud to be one of the companies that has been recognized for our commitment to the goals.

We have incorporated the following sustainability goals into our own strategy: zero hunger, good health and well-being, responsible consumption and production and life below water.

As a producer and supplier of marine ingredients, we don’t believe in compromising the health of our planet and its oceans when improving people’s health. That is why our long-term commitment is to improve people’s health worldwide while at the same time promote the health of our planet.

We are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and have been recognized numerous times for the sustainability of our fishery – most recently by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (July 2016) as being in the top 2% of global reduction fisheries in “Very Good” condition.

Read more about Aker BioMarine and sustainability here.