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How Superba Krill Supports Customer Success

Superba customer success

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According to Dictionary.com, “success” is the accomplishment of one’s goals. What is customer success, however? It’s the proactive effort of building relationships with existing customers, understanding their company and product goals, and helping them meet those goals.

Every customer has a unique set of needs and goals that determine their success. At Aker BioMarine, we take pride in not only understanding those needs, but working with our customers to accomplish them.


“Aker BioMarine should be perceived as a partner who brings valuable insights, introduces new market opportunities, and guides its customers for growth and product expansion.”

Tim de Haas, EVP Human Heath and Nutrition at Aker BioMarine


We are proud of the advancements we’ve made in krill harvesting as well as manufacturing, but some of our greatest achievements are represented in the full range of services we offer our customers. Product development collaboration, research support, regulatory guidance, and a variety of sales and marketing services are just a few key ways we support Superba Krill customers.


Science and Innovation Support

Aker BioMarine’s science and innovation strategy stands on three pillars: Value Innovation, Market Innovation, and Greenfield Innovation. The second strategic pillar – market innovation – explores groundbreaking science that could drive demand and launch new market segments.

In recent years, the company has expanded its pipeline of exciting science and innovation projects that will drive the krill category forward.

Our skilled team of scientists have knowledge and expertise in various aspects of laboratory work, preclinical studies, clinical trials, preparation of scientific and regulatory strategies, as well as the chemistry and pharmacology of krill components. Our scientific team is available to consult with potential partners on all aspects of research and product development. Our mission is to support our customers with the highest quality and efficiency in partnered studies and innovations.


Sales & Marketing Support

Aker BioMarine’s sales and marketing strategy is grounded in a customer-centric strategy. We share our global product expertise and market insights with customer’s to help inform and educate them. Knowledge transfer ranges from krill product development, features and benefits through consumer preferences, retail know-how, and branding techniques. This information is available in a number of formats, including print and digital content, film, branding, messaging and in-person services for customers, their employees and their consumers.


Tailor-made products evolve from listening to each customer’s needs, understanding market conditions and trends, handling challenges, and translating this information into customized products and market support.


Our Sales and Marketing teams help customers educate and inform the public about the benefits of krill oil, which in turn strengthens product demand and brand loyalty. As the experts of krill oil, we're eager and ready to help customers demonstrate the benefits to any consumer.


A Partnership for Customer Success

At Aker Biomarine, our success is not only is dependent on our company efforts, but also how well our customers do. However, it’s not about dollar signs and paychecks. We are work hard as our customer's champion throughout their entire journey with us. We’re in this together!


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