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Superba Krill is a superior
quality krill oil from Antarctica, 
developed by Aker BioMarine, the worlds 
leading producer of krill-based products.


Superba Krill oil has several documented positive health effects.

It is used as a dietary supplement for maintaining 
and optimizing the function of vital organs such as heart, liver, brain and eyes.

 Our latest Superba products include Superba2 and SuperbaBoost. 


All our products are certified as being 
100% sustainable and traceable 
by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)










Superba 2 offers several improvements 
over traditional krill oils.

The production technology allows 
for a product with neutralized smell and 
taste and a visually more appealing product








SuperbaBoost is our first krill oil 
concentrate, launched in 2016.

Offering the same product improvements 
as Superba 2, this pure Antarctic krill product 
contains significantly more phospholipids and 
omega-3s than previous product generations.

In addition to our oil offerings,
we also sell finished product softgels:
Bulk - 500 mg Superba 2
Bulk - 500 mg Superba Boost


Product innovation

Aker BioMarine spurs product development via our own innovation group as well as through external partnerships to deliver krill oil in new applications such as gummies, twist off soft gels, and chewable capsules. 

Superba 2 Krill Gummies is the first gummy supplement to provide pure krill oil in a formulation specially developed for children. This is just one example of our Open Innovation efforts.


These and other special products can be delivered by appointment.

Please contact us for more information.



Sharing knowledge

As a biotech company, we heavily focus on the scientific fundamentals of developing our product base.

Thus, we are in possession of a large knowledge base regarding all aspects of krill-derived products, from the health effects to sustainability processes and making the most effective supply chains.



Supporting our customers

We are happy to provide all our customers with support, as well as digital and printed material.

As a trusted partner, we emphazise on branding, marketing and sales support of new or existing products. 


More on Superba products:  Nature's powerful formula



“Superba 2 and Superba Boost are just  the beginning of Aker BioMarine’s next generation products that deliver superior benefits in the health and wellness space.”



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