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Why Choose Krill Oil?

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Simply because it supports your health and provides some of the body’s most important building blocks. But there’s much more to it than that. Krill oil features several benefits - here are the top 7 benefits of krill oil.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been studied extensively since 1985 and have been shown to play an important role in growth and development and in health and disease. But did you know that the intake of omega-3 fatty acids is decreasing in the Western diets in comparison to the omega-3 intake during evolution for which our genes were programmed to respond?

We are not getting enough omega-3s through our diet, simply because we’re not eating enough fatty fish. Therefore, dietary supplementation of these fatty acids is important in helping us to get the amount that our bodies need.

This is where krill oil comes in. Krill oil boasts an impressive fatty acid profile, along with a few other important nutrients unlike other marine omega-3 products.

Optimzing Omega-3 Levels With Krill Oil

Here are our top 7 benefits of krill oil:

1. Raise your omega-3 levels

The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are important for optimal heart, brain, eye, joint and skin health, and they contribute to reducing inflammation in the body. Krill oil is clinically shown to raise the Omega-3 Index, a measure of overall omega-3 status in the body.

2. The phospholipid advantage

Not all omega-3s are the same. Krill oil omega-3s are in a phospholipid form, which makes the delivery process to the body’s cells more efficient. In fact, when compared to standard fish oils, a smaller dosage of krill oil can yield the same, if not more, amounts of omega-3s to get to where it's needed the most.

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3. Contains choline

Krill oil naturally contains choline. It is a vitamin-like nutrient crucial for normal cellular function and is particularly important for liver health, heart health and development. Many organs such as the brain, liver, kidney, pancreas and muscles all depend on an adequate choline intake. Read more about choline here.

4. Natural antioxidant Astaxanthin

No additives needed. Astaxanthin is an essential antioxidant found in Antarctic krill and it naturally preserves the omega-3 fatty acids, keeping them stable. In addition, it provides the signature red color of all pure Antarctic krill oils.

Astaxanthin in krill oilLearn more about optimizing omega-3 levels with krill oil in our brochure.

5. Smaller capsules

Superior consumer experience! Unlike other marine oil capsules, such as fish oil, krill oil provides a more effective solution in small sized capsules. That is due in part to the phospholipids that make krill oil’s nutrients more bio-efficient and stable.

6. Easy to digest

No more fishy burps. Many consumers relate omega-3 consumption with discomfort and an unpleasant aftertaste. Once you try krill oil you will change your mind. Phospholipids mix well with water, so krill oil mixes with the stomach contents and does not sit on the top - the reason for fishy aftertaste with fish oils..

Watch the phospholipid advantage of krill oil in action

7. Sustainable and 100% traceable

Keep your conscience and take care of your environmental footprint. Sustainability is key with krill oil so when choosing a supplement, you should look for a sustainable supplier. Superba Krill oil is documented as certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and 100% traceable back to the origin. You can find the lot number on your package and trace it through our traceability tool.

There you have it - our top 7 health benefits of krill oil. When it comes to krill oil, be sure that you are purchasing a quality, pure Antarctic krill oil from a reputable supplier which is sourced using sustainable practices to ensure the health and longevity of the krill population.

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Optimizing Omega-3 Levels With Krill Oil