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Video: The Exclusive Story of Superba Krill

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Antarctic krill oil is the world's purest source of marine omega-3s and Superba KrillTM is a proud supplier of krill oil. Watch our video to get a glimpse of how we make Superba Krill, the particular health benefits and our view on sustainability.

Krill are rich in omega-3 phospholipids and choline. It contains the naturally occurring antioxidant: astaxanthin. This combination of nutrients gives krill oil an unmatched advantage in the omega-3 space.

Take a look at our video to see the exclusive story of Superba Krill, all the way from the origins to the end product:

Superba Krill and Eco-HarvestingTM

Aker BioMarineTM has spent many years perfecting and refining our production of Superba Krill oil. 

Traditional trawling is not suitable when catching krill, because krill can self-destruct under such stress. To preserve the high quality of the krill catch, gentle harvesting, followed by immediate processing is essential. Aker BioMarine has developed a new technology for krill harvesting and processing called Eco HarvestingTM which ensures that this high quality catch is preserved and brought through the value chain.

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The harvesting net stays underwater and uses a specially designed trawl system and a hose connection between the trawl and the vessel. Here, a continuous stream of water flows through the hose, bringing the krill live directly into the factory vessel.


This allows for processing the fresh, raw material with superior product quality while preventing enzymatic degradation and preserving all vital nutrients in the end product. When the krill have been brought onboard, the production of Superba Krill oil starts immediately in our state-of-the-art facility on board our ships.

Did you know that Superba Krill is virtually free of environmental contaminants and pollutants? Read more in this article.


Superba Krill is fully traceable back to the origin

Consumers, more than ever before, demand to know where their products are sourced from and under what conditions they are made, requiring transparency and openness from companies marketing and selling these products.

Superba Krill oil is made from just one species - which is the Antarctic krill species called Euphausia Superba. It is the only marine omega-3 featuring 100 percent product traceability.

On the bottom of the packaging, you can find the coordinates to where the krill comes from. Aker BioMarine can trace the product back to the exact position where the krill was harvested.

Read more about traceability here.

Krill oil research leader

Did you know that there are more clinical trials on Superba Krill Oil than any other krill oil brand on the market today? In fact, Aker BioMarine is the largest contributor to clinical research supporting krill oil and its health effects.

Studies demonstrate the benefits of omega-3 phospholipids, protected in krill oil by the strong antioxidant, astaxanthin. Research including clinical studies provides solid documentation of Superba Krill health benefits.

Want to know more about the Superba Krill Oil – from catch to capsule? Download the infographic showing you all the steps taken when harvesting krill the Superba way.

Download the Eco Harvesting Infographic