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Marketing krill oil and bringing consumers Back to the Basics

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Creating a better product experience to meet the needs of consumers around the globe should be top of mind for manufacturers, buyers and brand managers alike.

Consumers are becoming savvier each day and are seeking out products in the nutraceuticals space that check off all the boxes from ease of use, to sustainability, health benefits and more. Technology and innovation are helping to steer the krill oil industry into new areas. However, we must not forget about what brought consumers to krill in the first place.

How can you best market krill oil and bring consumers back to the basics? 


Omega-3 phospholipids – The Highway to Cell

Not all omega-3s are created equal. In fact, there are some important differences between various sources. Krill is mainly bound to phospholipid, the building blocks of all cell membranes.

Phospholipids are structurally different than omega-3 triglycerides (found in fish and algal oils), and dictate how EPA and DHA enter into the body, aka the highway to cell. Since krill’s omega-3s are carried directly into the blood via the phospholipids, they help to raise one’s omega-3 index more efficiently.

The body immediately recognizes phospholipid omega-3s and incorporates them into the cells before carrying them to the tissues and organs that need them the most. On the contrary, other sources of omega-3s in triglyceride form must be processed in the liver before they can be taken up by the cells and used by the body.


No fishy aftertaste

Krill oil is one of the most consumer friendly ways to increase your omega-3 index. Due to the phospholipid advantage, krill oil mixes well with the contents of the stomach, alleviating the aftertaste and burp backs one gets with other marine based sources. Unlike other marine options, krill capsules are small and easy to swallow, and you can take krill oil anytime of the day, even on an empty stomach.


Pure, sustainable and traceable

There is no question that consumers want products that are sourced in an environmentally friendly way. Since inception, Aker BioMarine has effectively implemented sustainability practices that ensure the health of the biomass.

On the traceability front, the company owns and controls its entire supply chain, ensuring that Superba Krill Oil is 100% traceable from catch to capsule. In addition to sustainability and traceability, purity is also an important topic. Since they are found at the bottom of the food chain and sourced from a clean habitat, krill are virtually free of contaminants, unlike other marine life found higher in the food chain.  


High levels of clinical substantiation

Omega-3 fatty acids, in general, are some of the most researched nutrients in the world and Superba Krill is the most clinically researched krill ingredient in the world today. Science continues to reign in the world of supplements and the science team at Aker BioMarine is venturing into new territories like never before, hoping to uncover new and exciting areas for krill and the omega-3 industry.