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Where does Superba Krill oil come from? Journey from Catch to Capsule

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Consumers, more than ever before, demand to know where their products are sourced from and under what conditions they are made, requiring transparency and openness from companies marketing and selling these products. Supplement companies today have a responsibility to ensure they introduce accurate, high quality and trusted ingredients into the marketplace.


When you first meet a Superba KrillTM oil capsule, you might wonder about the health benefits, or where this little powerful red capsule has come from.


The world of Superba Krill

Krill live in the pristine southern ocean surrounding Antarctica. Aker BioMarineTM has spent many years perfecting and refining our production process, from our eco-harvesting techniques which eliminate by-catch protecting marine species, to our state of the art krill oil production facility which is the most sophisticated in the world.

The best thing about all this? We own and control the whole supply chain from catch to capsule, which means all the handling happens under our watch, in our care.

Deep dive into the world of Superba Krill oil and see for yourself how we do it all in our video below!



Offering 100% traceability

At Superba Krill, we pride ourselves in our ability to trace each and every batch of krill oil directly back to its origin. This unique benefit is passed on to you as our customer, and for you to pass on to your consumers.

In an environment where transparency and openness are the future of supplements, product traceability is an increasingly important tool to demonstrate and root your company as responsible and trustworthy.

What to know more about Superba krill oil? Download our brochure to get the overview.