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What’s next in healthy aging? Visit our booth #4321 @ Expo West 2023!


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More and more, women are now embracing aging and ways to help them age better. According to NielsonIQ, searches related to anti-aging spiked significantly in 2020 but have tailed off as women began embracing a new view on life. They are seeking ways to look and feel younger holistically. That means supporting the many aspects of health that are affected by aging including joint, cognitive, and cellular health in order to live healthier, longer and age gracefully.

And it’s not just women. Our proprietary research has shown that men - even more so than women - were significantly interested in our concepts focused on healthy aging and the key benefits associated with it. 

Stop by our booth #4321 (you can’t forget that number!) at Expo West to:

  • Discover proprietary consumer insights into 3 healthy aging concepts
  • Get samples of our Youthful Aging concept
  • See the results from our newly published healthy aging study

Click below to set up a meeting today!

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