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7 trends impacting the dietary supplement industry in 2021 and beyond

B2B drive growth Superba Krill Team

4 min. read


The pandemic has had a profound effect on all our lives, as it has affected how and where we work, how we learn and how we interact with others as social distancing measures have led to a more virtual existence, both in personal and in professional life.


During the course of the pandemic, consumers have had time to reflect about their life and how they live. As the threat of the virus fades, consumers will continue this ongoing journey towards further defining and redefining their idea of what an optimal life and lifestyle would look like to them.


How will this new approach to life affect their needs related to health and wellness? And what are the trends emerging out of these new consumer needs?



In this blogpost we are introducing 7 major consumer trends that we believe will shape the future of dietary supplements. Check out the full report to understand the implications for the dietary supplement industry and how best to position your brand to meet these trends.


Trend 1: Healthy Living

Before the pandemic, healthy living meant exercising regularly and creating good nutritional habits. The Covid crisis has propelled us toward an even greater sense of healthy living where consumers seek to optimize their health on all fronts with preventive health, health optimization, mental health and happiness sitting at the top of their priorities.


Trend 2: Value re-defined

Consumers are seeking a return to the essentials and are taking a step back and reevaluating what's important to them. They are looking for products with tangible and measurable benefits. These are new driving forces contributing to redefine what value and ownership means.


Trend 3: Accelerated digitalization

Though digitalization has been a long time coming in consumer goods, the speed of the adoption of new technologies has increased significantly. The pandemic drove consumers towards digital solutions to problems that did not exist only a year ago and brands have adapted and are finding new ways to reach and interact with their consumers.


Trend 4: The sustainability imperative

The pandemic has accelerated the rise of brands with a strong sense of purpose, placing society, planetary welfare and collaboration at the heart of recovery. Consumers and governments now expect that businesses and their brand identities drive new solutions to sustainability challenges.


Trend 5: Responsibility is the new sustainability

There is a strong shift from “profit alone” to responsibility. This new “responsible” way of looking at sustainability focuses on the role a brand plays in society i.e. are brands contributing to a safe, healthy and sustainable future for us all by acting responsibly.


Trend 6: Mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated consumers' interest in mental health and wellbeing as disruption and uncertainty have impacted people’s sleep quality, mood and overall stress levels. A sense of uncertainty as to when life will translate back into more balanced routines, is driving a demand for comfort, control and structure.


Trend 7: Personal wellness

An awareness of wellbeing is at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and a holistic approach to achieving physical and emotional balance has become a key motivator of consumer behavior. Consumers are adopting a multifaceted approach to health and self-care and are choosing products and services that complement their personal wellness and evolving needs.


Access the full report

We have curated this trend report with the ambition to provide our customers and partners with a good overview and understanding of the major trends that are shaping and will continue to shape our industry. With this report, our goal is to inspire and engage for more discussions and ideation about future innovations that will drive the category growth.


If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss different innovation possibilities with us, just reach out to our team!


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