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Natural Products ExpoWest 2022


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The Superba team was excited to make an in-person return to Natural Products ExpoWest, one of the premiere gatherings for the natural and organic industry in the U.S. The level of energy, excitement and engagement was hard to miss. From the back-to-back meetings to the activities on and off the show floor, it felt like pre-Covid tradeshow times.


Science, Tangible Product Benefits and Sustainability were on display


“It was a great opportunity to interact with customers, prospects, industry experts and various stakeholders during the show,” said Charlie Ross, SVP Americas, HH&N. “During our meetings, there was no shortage of quality content and ideas that are helping transform human health in many ways.”

Aker BioMarine’s latest scientific studies on the health effects of krill are a solid basis for future innovation for industry partners looking to take krill oil to the next level. From beauty within to sports nutrition and condition specific SKU’s, Aker BioMarine’s innovation pipeline and ideation were on par with what is next to come. Equally inspiring and motivating was seeing that sustainability still reigns in priority.

“It was great to see how many companies were placing a major emphasis on the environmental aspect of their value propositions, adds Ross. “By helping to set the bar high since day one, Aker BioMarine has been a driving force when it comes to sustainability across the industry. And with more and more companies taking that charge, collectively we are moving in a positive direction.”

From a marketing standpoint, the convention center was transformed into an environment filled with bright colors, bold messaging and intriguing product concepts.

“During these shows, it’s always fun and invigorating to check out the newest and hottest trends,” said Anca Vislie, Marketing Manager, Aker BioMarine. “There was a lot to explore and take in, but it was apparent that big, bold value propositions and tangible benefits were front and center. This makes for great conversation starters and helps brands differentiate themselves from the rest.”

That’s a wrap on Natural Products ExpoWest 2022.

See you in New Jersey next month at SupplySide East 2022!