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Why tradeshows are great places to learn about omega-3s

Krill Ingredient Omega-3 Benefits

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The end of the year is approaching and there are a couple of important nutraceutical and pharmaceutical trade shows around the corner that will be packed with visitors and exhibitors alike. We all want to get the most out of these big trade shows and learn about the latest trends and product offerings in the market. Trade shows are great places to learn about products and ingredients that you have an interest for.


We have put together some useful tips on how you can get the most out of the upcoming trade shows and learn all about omega-3s while there:


Do your research about the companies exhibiting 

You might be looking for a special supplier of omega-3s and may want to know a little more about the company in advance. Take a look at the exhibitor list to learn the following:

  • Stand number - So that you can easily locate their booth.
  • Company Description - To see if they align with your needs and goals.
  • Website link - To further learn more about the company including their product offerings, location, etc.


Check out the seminar calendar 

A great way to find out about the latest science and new product developments is to attend the free seminars provided during the tradeshows. In order to plan in advance and be able to book meetings around the seminars, you should have an early look at the agenda. Select a seminar that will provide you more information about omega-3s and might even be offered by one of the companies that you picked on the exhibitor list.


Going to CPhI Europe 2018? Check out this seminar by Dr. Andreas Berg Storsve for the latest reserach on the benefits of krill oil omega-3s on skin health.


Determine the most attractive omega-3 product

Not all omega-3s are the same, they come in different formats (triglycerides or phospholipids), different sources, shapes and sizes. Picking the right omega-3 product may not always be easy. Take some time before the exhibition to read about the different types of omega-3s. Doing so will ensure you make time for the right company that can actually meet your needs. Don't forget to ensure that your choices are sustainable, traceable and are offered by a trusted supplier.


Book a meeting to speak with a specialist

Once you have narrowed your selection, book a meeting with a specialist. Your first contact point will most likely be a knowledgeable sales representative, which will be able to answer all your questions. If you are especially interest in science and scientific studies, ask to speak to someone from their research and development team(s). Most trusted companies will have someone available at the tradeshow.


Collect samples and information

Don’t forget to ask for samples and print material to take with you. It is not always easy to remember what information you got from which meeting after a long day at a tradeshow. Brochures, samples and especially contact details will come very handy once back home and ready to evaluate all the omega-3 products you have learned about.


Follow up to learn more

A lot of the information might have been lost during the fast paced exhibition days. Therefore, it will be good to reconnect with the contacts from the exhibition and book another meeting, where your needs can be discussed in a more quiet and comfortable environment.

Even though you might not be a specialist on omega-3s after a trade show, you will certainly have a better understanding about the different types of omega-3s.