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Trust and transparency help build long lasting relationships in the nutraceuticals space

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Staying healthy while staying home is very important, and many consumers are prioritizing their well-being to get through these challenging times. To that end, the supplements industry is alive and well, and this goes beyond direct immunity related products. For brands and manufacturers in areas such as krill oil, this is positive and opens the door to new conversations and opportunities.

Lead with transparency

In an environment where transparency and openness are the future of supplements, product traceability is an increasingly important tool to demonstrate and root your company as responsible and trustworthy. Consumers have access to a tremendous amount of information, and in today’s climate, it’s more important than ever to increase knowledge sharing and lead with transparency. Simplicity and honesty are an essential part of any supplier relationship, making it crucial for brands, manufacturers and retailers alike to understand the ingredients they are selling and why.


Traceable krill oil from catch to capsule

Let’s not forget about traceability, a very important requirement when choosing your ingredient supplier. Our supply chain is fully operative and as always, we value transparency across the board. Our ability to trace each and every batch of krill oil directly back to its origin is a unique benefit that is passed on to our customers, which is ultimately then passed on to their consumers.


Our krill oil process starts in area 48 where our dedicated fishermen harvest krill in the Southern Ocean. We use a special Eco-Harvesting® technology, which is based on more than a decade of krill fishing experience. This technology uses a special mechanism that singles out unwanted by-catch (non-krill species) and releases it unharmed. The gentle catch process also helps preserve the nutritional integrity of the product and limit environmental impact.


The supply chain process continues from Antarctica to our Montevideo logistics hub and Houston production plant before making its way to our customers all around the world. Our integrity and standards are raising the bar in the dietary supplements industry.


Choose a partner, not just a supplier

The nutraceuticals market is continually evolving to meet the needs of consumers worldwide, and krill oil is a much sought after supplement. To that end, it’s important to choose a supplier that helps you stand out in the marketplace. Some suppliers simply fill orders, while others create a common goal to drive success and innovation in the marketplace. Collaboration is key to fostering a partnership and a good partner will look beyond your current needs and help you think ahead to what’s next.


At Aker BioMarine, you are an extension of our Superba team. We're a partner who brings valuable insights, introduces new market opportunities, and guides our customers for growth and product expansion. We invest in our customers by providing much more than an ingredient. By working in sync to co-create unique value, we are pushing the industry forward.


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