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Superba Boost, CSIRO and Swisse named as winners in the 2022 Nutra Ingredients Award

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Superba Boost, CSIRO and Swisse took home this year’s Nutrition Research Project prize at the 2022 Nutra Ingredients Asia Award.

The award recognizes the best game-changing nutrition research projects that push the boundaries of nutritional science with a significant impact on public health and human nutrition.

The winning entry was titled “Effects of Swisse High Strength Deep Sea Krill Oil (Superba Boost) on adults suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis”.


The six-month clinical trial, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that Swisse High Strength Deep Sea Krill Oil (Superba™ BOOST krill oil phospholipids) resulted in improvements in knee pain, stiffness and physical function in adults with mild to moderate knee OA.


Read more about the study demonstrating positive effects of krill oil on osteoarthritis and joint health here


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“This study was hailed by the judges for its four years of collaboration between three parties, namely Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Swisse Wellness and Aker BioMarine. They also appreciate a well designed trial that featured a treatment period of six months, conducted across five different research clinic sites in Australia and included a total of 235 participants. The results showed clear benefits that are likely to have a significant impact on the product’s market success and the health and wellbeing of consumers worldwide.”


The Nutrition Research project category rewards the most innovative and impactful nutrition research projects, highlighting the importance of sound science in the industry.


Commenting on the success, Simon Seward, EVP Human Health & Nutrition, Aker BioMarine said
“We are honored to be part of the collaboration with Swisse and the CSIRO and this award recognizes the power of partnerships to bring about solid science central to a product’s market success”.


The annual awards are organized by NutraIngredients.com, the leading news site for the functional food and beverage and dietary supplement industries.


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About Superba Boost krill oil from Aker BioMarine

Superba Boost, the ingredient used in this research program, is a multi-nutrient dietary supplement with clinically proven health benefits. Powered by phospholipids, Superba Boost ensures delivery of omega-3s EPA & DHA and choline to parts of the body that need them the most, such as the joints, the heart, the brain, the skin and more.


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