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Maximize the power of your ingredients. Find out how @4321

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Consumers are getting smarter and learning that increasing absorption is the key to getting the most out of their supplements. That’s why were seeing more products touting bioavailability claims. However, a lot of the solutions for increasing bioavailability, can be synthetically made, include a long list of ingredients and don’t add any value beyond absorption.

New to the market, our PL+ Technology is an innovative platform that helps with the absorption of ingredients in a healthy way. It works at the cellular level providing increased flexibility and permeability to your cells so that they can better deliver the health benefits of those less bioavailable ingredients.  

For example, our PL+ EPA/DHA is formulated to maximize the absorption of those omega-3s by up to 6x. Stop by our booth #4321 at Expo West to:

•    Learn more about key benefits of the PL+ Technology Platform
•    Get samples of our unique PL+ formulations including EPA/DHA, curcumin, CoQ10 and CBD
•    Partner with us to be one of the first to launch a product powered by our PL+ Technology

Want to discuss how the PL+ Technology Platform can differentiate your product offerings. sSet up a meeting today!

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