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Healthy cells equal a healthy body

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Did you know that the human body is composed of trillions of cells and over 200 different cell types, each specialized to carry out a particular function?


These cells make up our organs and tissues, as well as help to defend our body as a part of our immune system. Some cells, such as blood cells, move freely in the blood, and other cells, such as muscle cells, are firmly attached to one another. Cells provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions.


What is cellular health?

The term "cellular health" refers to the practice of keeping cells in tip-top shape to ensure overall health, it explains how your overall health is dependent on the cells in your body and how they are functioning. This includes ensuring cells get adequate nutrients, are protected from external stressors and are functioning to their fullest potential.


Cell membranes are  very important because they help protect the cell. A functioning cell membrane is vital for normal development, function, survival and reproduction of all cells.


A healthy cell membrane is soft and permeable and allows for well-functioning nutrient absorption and metabolic waste elimination. An unhealthy or a damaged cell membrane is characterized by being hard and rigid and are not able to absorb nutrients in an efficient way nor able to eliminate metabolic waste.


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Cellular health has intrigued scientists all over the world for centuries and it’s something that our overall health depends on every day. Simply put, healthy cells equal a healthy body.


Phospholipids, the common denominator of cellular health

What are phospholipids and why should you care? The answer is pretty simple…some refer to phospholipids as the “molecule of life”. Phospholipids are natural, integral parts of our cells that help maintain the strength, flexibility, and integrity of cells and cell membranes. Each cell in our body is wrapped in a membrane called the phospholipid bilayer.


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Krill oil phospholipids work on a cellular level and provides cellular health benefits. With krill oil, omega-3 (EPA and DHA) are linked to phospholipids and after consumption, these omega-3 are incorporated into the cell membranes in all tissues of the body.


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Improving your health starts at the cellular level

It is on us to consider our cellular health as we grow and age and do what we can to ensure our cells stay in good shape. Our cellular health significantly impacts many parts of the body and when cellular health declines, so do our overall wellness. 


We can impact our cellular health by maintaining a healthy diet, excercise and incorporating nutritional supplements such as krill oil phospholipids that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA and choline to aid in protecting our cells. 


Superba Krill oil ensures superior transport, efficient delivery and higher integration of phospholipid omega-3 & choline, directly into the cell membranes in all tissues of the body.


Boosting our cells with nutrients from krill oil, in the phospholipid form, ensures robust cells and a body that is better prepared to deal with aging, oxidative stress, inflammation, diseases and more. Superba Krill oil benefits every cell and organ in your body including your heart, liver, muscles and even your skin.


Cellular health, the next big thing!

Did you know that 78% of supplement users are interested in supplements to support their cells? This recent consumer testing by our Superba team has helped inspire ready, go-to-marketing cellular health concepts around cellular health and healthy aging.


Want to know more? Download The Highway To Cell Infographic here:

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