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Discover Our New Innovations at Supply Side East! Booth 623

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Visit us at SSE booth #623 to learn about our PL+ Technology that can help address an important concern that 43% of consumers have: how easily supplements absorb into their body1. New to the market, our PL+ EPA/DHA has been shown to increase absorption of omega-3s up to 9x2. Come by our booth to learn more about the in vitro and preliminary human clinical data behind our new technology platform.

Beyond PL+, we have other exciting delivery formats and concepts for Superba Krill. Stop by our booth to:

  • Try our new krill oil gummies that 81% of Expo West attendees liked/loved
  • Take home samples of two concepts around healthy aging and sports nutrition
  • Learn about the new human clinical studies on joint health, healthy aging and skin/beauty

We have a lot of exciting innovations that can help expand and differentiate your products. Click below to set up a meeting at the show today!

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1. 2022 NBJ Delivery Format Report

2. Preliminary human clinical data