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Who We Are

A Krill Supplier and More

We are the only krill oil supplier that owns and controls the entire harvesting and production process. 

Superba KrillTM is a brand of the biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, Aker BioMarineTM. Our core business consists of harvesting, production, sales and marketing of krill-based products, with Superba Krill focusing on human health and wellbeing.  

Our fully transparent value chain covers sustainable krill-harvesting in Antarctic waters through our Montevideo logistics hub, Houston production plant and to all our customers across the globe.

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Our origins

It all begins in Antarctica, the cleanest waters on earth. Within approved areas, we harvest krill with our own custom-built krill harvesting vessels, Antarctic Endurance, Saga Sea and Antarctic Sea, and our supply vessel, La Manche. It takes many years of experience and technical know how to navigate and harvest in these rough, unforgiving Antarctic waters. 


Our harvesting method

To protect the environment, we developed our own method of harvesting krill, called Eco-Harvesting®. This method almost eliminates the catching of species other than krill, leaving our annual by-catch to swim around in a small bucket. Watch our Eco-Harvesting® video


Our Flexitech Technology

The infrastructure set up on our vessels ensures a steady delivery of krill meal to our warehouse in Montevideo, Uruguay and on to our processing facility in Houston, Texas. Our patented Flexitech technology allows us to extract our krill oil in a unique way to minimize processing and preserve the naturally occurring components that benefit human health. 


Our offices around the globe

Our global presence includes offices in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia – with representatives in Sales, Marketing, Science, Product Development and more. Our teams are the krill experts and are ready to support our customers in every corner of the world. 


Invested in research

As the world's leading brand of krill oil, we pride ourselves in conducting research to help our customers grow. From investigating and exploring new benefits and applications of krill oil to understanding end-consumer perceptions and worldwide markets, we are a pioneer in krill-derived products.

Visit our Aker BioMarine website to learn more about our operations, including our boats and patented technologies. 

Visit Aker BioMarine

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