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Our Products

Krill oil products for all

A unique formula given by nature to deliver essential omega-3s, phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin straight from the cleanest waters on earth. 

Healthy, Sustainable & 100% Traceable.

High quality krill oil developed for humans by humans

We’re passionate about producing the best krill oil to match the individual needs of our customers and their consumers. That’s why we have different options and formats.

Our second generation krill oil and most popular product.


Our latest product innovation. The next generation krill oil concentrate.

Our krill oil products are natural sources of:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA)
  • Phospholipids
  • Choline
  • Astaxanthin

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More than just omega-3s. Choline takes krill oil to the next level

Dr. Andreas Berg Storsve

R&D Director, Aker BioMarine

Formats for formulation & finished products


Bulk oil

Do you prefer to encapsulate our krill oil on your own? Our Superba Krill oil drums are the perfect solution for you. This option also allows you the freedom to determine your finished product. 



Our most popular product format, Superba Krill softgels showcase our oil’s natural red hues in small and easy to swallow capsules.  


Product Benefits

Smaller capsules

Phospholipids help deliver omega-3s to where they are needed most, meaning they are better utilized by the body.

Avoid fishy reflux

Krill oil’s natural composition means there is no fishy aftertaste when consumed. 

Authorised Health Claims

Superba Krill oil allows for 4 science-backed EFSA Health Claims for consumer confidence.*


*For businesses in Europe only.

The Superba Krill Journey

Check out our whiteboard video which takes you on the journey of Superba Krill, from catch to capsule.


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