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Marketing Support. Providing Customer-Centric Sales & Marketing Strategies for Future Success

In 2016, Aker BioMarine implemented a new customer-centric sales and marketing strategy that applies our global product expertise and market insight to further each customer’s success. Knowledge transfer ranges from krill product development, features and benefits through consumer preferences, retail know-how, and branding techniques.


Our sales and marketing teams are uniquely qualified to help customers demonstrate Antarctic krill’s health and wellbeing benefits and meet consumer demand for sustainable product processes and manufacturing transparency.


Our goal is to be perceived as a partner who brings valuable insights, introduces new market opportunities, and guides customers through their growth and product expansion.


Aker BioMarine is more than a B2B supplier. The company has carried out several studies to document customers’ market environments. The findings stimulate market-specific products, value propositions, and targeted marketing support.


Japan, for example, has quickly become one of the top countries for Superba sales. For us, it is exciting to see rapid growth in new markets when consumer insight and close cooperation with our customers begins to pay off.

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