Global awareness campaign for a global health issue


“Why Living a Seemingly Healthy Life Might Not Be Enough”

With this message, Aker BioMarine has launched a global health awareness film starring a young woman, Maria, living an active life in the big city. Her daily routines include hardcore exercise and a balanced diet.

Seemingly, Maria’s lifestyle ticks all the right boxes and gets her five stars on the health chart. However she’s in for a rude awakening as she goes back to her roots in Greenland.



Maria discovers the imbalanced life she has been living the last years. Maria’s daily habits are simply not enough to maintain a truly healthy and balanced life.  


“With this raw scenic film”, says Per Olav Sørensen, the Norwegian award-winning director of the film, “we want to touch a nerve, and to make you reflect on your life and find the motivation to improve your life balance”.


The first step to creating change is to drive awareness and to that end, the campaign is encouraging everyone to take some time to reflect on their own life balance and pay it forward by sharing the film.


Awareness is key 

Statistics show that we are becoming unhealthier because of the lifestyles we choose to live. A recent study published in Nutrients, compared data from the United States and Germany and concluded that despite adequate knowledge of the health benefits and food sources of omega-3, 98 percent of the participants fell below the optimal range.


As our Chief Scientist Dr. Nils Hoem explains, having insufficient omega-3 levels puts us at higher risk for chronic disease, such as heart disease, suboptimal brain function, increased likelihood for major depression, and other health issues.


Education is key when it comes to preventing these types of lifestyle diseases. Finding the right balance is essential to putting us on the right track to becoming healthier.


A marketing toolkit at your disposal

To create positive change, Aker BioMarine, a leading supplier of krill-derived products to the consumer health and wellness and animal nutrition markets, is working with industry partners to reach consumers through their channels and network.


We want to enable our customers to stand out and differentiate their products in their markets. Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive toolkit for our partners to use in their efforts to raise awareness of the importance of omega-3s and health.


This marketing toolkit based around the movie, includes ready-made marketing messages, banners and video material adapted for use on digital platforms such as Facebook and much more. All of this material can be adapted to our partners' unique need and market. 

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