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Natural Solution for Root Cause of Joint Discomfort in Just 7 Days

We all know that cartilage breakdown causes joint pain but did you know that a key source for that deterioration is inflammation?  There are solutions that help with cartilage renewal but if your inflammation is not addressed, that cartilage will continue to breakdown.

Krill oil is a natural way to support healthy inflammation. It’s a multi-nutrient made up of omega-3s and choline bound to phospholipids – the same phospholipids that make up your cells. Working on the cellular level, krill oil phospholipids are easily absorbed by your cells and then delivered throughout your body where they are needed most.

Backed by three clinical studies, krill oil is proven to:

  • Reduce Inflammation in 7 days
  • Support mobility and flexibility
  • Support range of motion
  • Support joint comfort for more restful nights

Not only does krill oil have proven clinical benefits, it has been shown to help with the absorption of oil-based ingredients like curcumin that also have joint health benefits.

It’s summertime and joint health is on top of mind for those who plan to stay active and outdoors as much as possible. Now is a great time to start working on your next innovation and provide a joint health solution that works.

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